Sanda Factory

In the first phase of SANDA Factory operation we anticipate production at the level of 640 m3 of concrete per shift. With this amount we will produce up to 12 000 of concrete elements (blocks, structural-wall tiles, structural-floor tiles, concrete formwork elements), approximately 2 000 meters of welded and bended steel trusses, and more than 200 ceiling beams per day. A large part of the factory will be dedicated to the production of construction materials for third parties. Ultimately, the plant will be equipped with four concrete batching plants with a minimum production of 80 m3 of concrete per hour and 4 batching plants for the production of concrete elements with a production capacity of each plant at the level of 12 000 elements during one shift.


Because we aim to raise productivity and gradually modernize the factory, we expect to invest in the following technologies in the next stage of the development: concrete formworks production line based on our project; advanced scaffolding systems production line based on our project; thermal insulation systems production line (including elevation panels); metal frames for installations of industrial facilities production line; production system prefabricated houses.